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Welcome to Trackstyle’s website, which we hope will provide you with some useful and valuable information to help you develop your business.

Trackstyle specialises in the manufacture of Creative Window Coverings to suit today’s building design styles. Working closely with our main supplier partners, our aim is to provide you, our customer, with quality products using the best available components and hardware and the most up to date colours and fabrics.

Our staff take pride in manufacturing high quality blinds and we care not just about you, but also your customer. If we can collectively create a very happy and satisfied end consumer with our products, then we at Trackstyle will have achieved our mission.

Our Customer Care staff have the responsibility of resolving your problems relating to our products or service. Only when you, our customer, has achieved resolution of your problem, will we decide if there is a cost involved and who is to pay.

We look forward to serving you and helping you develop and grow your business.

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